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This work explores the concept of money and it's implied power.

The concept of money has been integral to the development and advancement of civilization itself. Through the years, Money evolved to become a measurement of value and a physical representation of ´Trust´ . Since its inception, every human life has been defined one way or another by money. Whether Rich or Poor, money controls us all.

Printed on metal to represent the cold hard ¨ cash ¨ and the indifference it emits. The designs are composed of elements that have at one time or another appeared on U.S. currency. Baroque inspired compositions create feelings of power , secrecy, esoteric knowledge, divine manuscript or insidious propaganda.

When viewed through your phone using the ¨ Artivive ¨ app, it reveals a digital augmented reality animation. Each reveals a different aspect of it’s obscure nature.

To fully enjoy the Augmented Reality experience, Each work through they Artivive app. Links below.
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