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Like many artists, I have been drawing since I had a pencil in hand; and to my parents’ and early teachers’ dismay my book reports had more drawings than perhaps, actual words.

In the beginning, I grew up in urban Jersey City as a child to immigrant parents. The first born to Colombian parents’ who, like thousands of others, were seeking a better life for themselves and their offspring.  My young life experiences were common only in their uniqueness.. I was alone, a lot.  I discovered art’s beauty as I roamed the church early morning before school. I devoured art books, comics and the like --- drawing was / is a favorite past time. Later, during adolescence, a move back to Colombia took my world and turned it upside down. The culture shock invaded my youthful innocence and luckily, upon returning to the US; expression through art became my go to language. Experiences continued to shape me and my art; a few weeks spent in an Italian Atelier brought to life the possibility of creating art like the Old Masters.  Oil paint on self-stretch linen was my new medium. I painted poetry.  A few years back, I completed my MFA at the New York Academy of Art and that too, has served to change things up in my creative language.


I still paint.

But now, I also

make sculptures, installations and digital art.

Recently, I’ve added

art created in Augmented/ Virtual reality.


There seems to be no end to my creative language; I just keep adding more words and dialects. 


Please enjoy this site for samples of these and other works.


And for stopping by, a big THANK YOU!

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